The Custom Jewelry Process

Stage one - conceptualization

It begins with you

Maybe its something you've always dreamed about. Maybe inspiration just struck like lightning. Maybe its just time to start wearing something that's really yours. Whatever the reason, you make an appointment with us, and start laying out your dreams and desires. We'll work with you to bring your conceptualization to reality. From metal to stones to design to fit, there is much to consider to ensure perfection, and we have a lot experience in customer satisfaction - you can count on us.

Stage Two - design

Custom designed

Once we are clear on your design, we begin the arduous process of creating your individual design polygon by polygon in a specialized computer-assisted-design software. We will create a unique and custom digital 3D model of your design down to your exact dimensions. This is the perfect way to visualize your design before it becomes tangible.

Stage Three - 3D print

The design gets real

Once the digital model meets satisfaction, its time to return to the physical realm. Using industry specialized high-end 3D printers capable of the high-level of detail necessary for jewelry work, the model will be 3D printed.

Stage Four - prototyping

Ensuring success

Once physical, we will ensure the design meets all practical requirements. First and foremost is your approval - this is when you can hold your dream in your hands for the first time. But we will also be ensuring the stones fit properly, that it fits on you properly, and other necessary checks. Because now is the time to make changes - it is far easier to change the model and 3D print it again than to modify an actual piece of jewelry.

Stage five - molding

Inverting the design

Once you are we are happy with the design, its time to actually make it. Using the 3D printed model, a casting mold is made using specialized casting putty designed specially for jewelry work. This way, we have a blank mold ready to be filled with precious metal to result in the shape of your design.

Stage six - Casting

Becoming precious

Precious metal of your choice are superheated to liquid levels, then spun-poured into the mold made from the 3D printed model. This dangerous process is how jewelry has been manufactured for hundreds of years, but the advent of assessable CAD software and 3D printing has made it cost effective to do bespoke single-order custom design work for individual clients like you.

Stage Seven - Refinement

Handmade perfection

No cast is ever perfect, so after the metal cools, our jewelers will go over the design under a microscope, filing away blemishes and correcting any imperfections in the metal. They will ensure perfection in their creation.

Stage eight - Setting

Stones arrive home

Once the metal is perfect, then the gemstones arrive in their places. Setting gemstones is an art, and one that not all jewelers have mastered. It is a thin line between ensuring your precious gemstones are safe and displayed to their full potential vibrancy. Luckily for you, Askew Jewelers has decades of experience in gemstone setting, so you can be sure they'll be safe and beautiful.

Stage nine - Polish

Final touches

The creation process is a dirty one. So the final step is polish and clean the design until it sparkles like the stars. Meanwhile, you are called to come try on your brand new, entirely unique and custom jewelry piece based on your own design!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Designs

Any type! Rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings - you name it, we've designed a custom piece in the past. We are not limited to jewelry either - we've designed other objects to be cast in precious metal before. If you have a wild idea, run it past us!

The answer obviously depends on the specific design - the more complex the design, the longer it will take at all stages. Custom design is not a quick process, especially for the level of perfection we strive for. The process can take weeks to months depending on the design. The 3D modeling portion is especially time-consuming.

That answer depends entirely on the design. You are paying primarily for the base resources used in its creation (the precious metals and gemstones) as well as the jeweler's time, expertise, and tools. The more complex a design, the more expensive a design.

A deposit will most likely be required up front, depending on the design. This is for two reasons:

  1. To purchase (in part) the precious metal and gemstones that will be used for the design.
  2. To ensure you are serious about continuing. The 3D modeling stage requires significant amounts of our valuable jewelers time, so we want to ensure such investments in your design are not wasted.

Payment in full will be required before possession of the finished, physical design is transferred.

All of our custom work is designed by Master Jeweler Dave Askew, owner of Askew Jewelers.

Most of our custom work is cast in-house by Master Jeweler Dave Askew. However, the nature of some designs demand the highest levels of casting sophistication. When this is required, we send the design to be cast by a industry-trusted professional jewelry manufacturer - the same company that mass-produces most jewelry in America. Still, we ensure their work is up to our standards and yours.