A Note On Weight

Unfortunately, because of the poor way Shopify handles integers, all backend decimals are converted to the nearest whole number when displayed on the frontend of the website. The webmaster has tried numerous ways of overcoming this limitation, including all available Shopify Liquid avenues and numerous JavaScript workarounds. He has contacted support to no avail, queried the community to no aid, and even prompted ChatGPT with no success.

As such, we apologize for the inaccuracy of our weight displayed to you. They are stored as the correct exact weight in grams - and as such always includes decimals, and so is always rounded. If you absolutely require the exact weight of an item, please reach out to us at contact@askewjewelers.com.

Further, if you know how to correct Shopify's limitation without the introduction of a addon, please contact the webmaster at the same email above.